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I am very pleased with the copy of my book

“Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the copy of my book that you are publishing. I received an email from Sam just now with a copy of the press release which looks OK. He informs me that the e copy of my book is being prepared as well and that my book should hopefully be available for people to purchase very soon.”

I now have a traditional publishing deal

“The news from my point of view is nothing but good - I now have a traditional publishing deal with Tiger of the Stripe, of Richmond, Surrey for The Mischief-Maker , the next two novels in the series and a collection of short stories. The Mischief-Maker has, amazingly, been submitted to the 2014 Man Booker competition - I am still at the 'pinch me somebody' stage, but if it makes the long-list, I shall be very, very chuffed. I owe a debt of thanks to Daniel Cooke and all at New Generation for your help and support. ”

Well done, NGP team

“Well done, NGP team (e.g. Daniel) and Tahar Boumedra! Congratulations on this win-to-win achievement for both parties! The book of this outstanding author sounds highly provocative! The pillars of society are built upon a robust platform of human rights, which must be respected to ensure that the integrity of society remains safe. I'm pleased to see how some leaders still fight for the re-establishment of human rights. I honestly hope that this book is an international success! ”

Very pleased with this marketing and exchange

“Very pleased with this marketing and exchange between the bookshops and myself, whatever the outcome in terms of sales. Having a photo has made the world of difference. I look forward to getting the press release.”

America is my main market

“I'm working with a top PR team to organise signings and press in the USA in the summer. America is my main market so I'm very pleased this is updated before review copies etc. go out. ”

I'm bubbling over with ideas

“Everything's progressing most wonderfully and I must say that Sam has been absolutely fab so deserves a huge pay rise! It would be great to have a chat with you sometime next week so I can get my head around the process of marketing and book-selling a bit better and learn what's required. I'm bubbling over with ideas but as usual need to be a bit more strategic and less scatter-gun. ”


“I've just returned from a few days away to find my author copy of The Cave has arrived. I'm delighted with it. Now its time to find out if other people like it! ”

Hardback & Soft-back Books look great

“I just got back from a business trip to find two packages waiting for me – the hard and soft back copies of this book. They look great – thank you! ”

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